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How do I meet you?

Suitors who want to invest their time into meeting me, can do so by sending a well worded email with the necessary details to or head to the booking page of my website.
Within the first 1-2 emails, I should should have your name, the time and date you're hoping to meet, and some form of screening information about yourself, such as Photo ID, two provider references or LinkedIn (or work verification equivalent). I do not entertain long winded back and forth replies to get basic answers; I will assume you are not yet ready to meet and move onto other matters.
Email inquiries lacking respect or basic screening may not be replied to. 

What information do I need to provide?

The most important thing to our chemistry is safety. I ask for screening information for my own personal well-being while we meet. This information remains confidential, and is never shared unless you provide permission, or the safety of myself or other providers is at risk. 
I ask you provide one of the following forms of information:
- photo ID

-LinkedIN, or work verification equivalent
- two provider references that I am
able to directly contact *

*Please note that provider references might not be sufficient on their own if I am unfamiliar with the provider you are listing, or they do not respond to my reference request. Provider references are not recommended if you are meeting me on short notice.

Why haven't I received a response?

It can take anywhere from 24-48 hours for me to sift through my inbox and think of something charming to say when my schedule is packed. On good days, I am capable of giving more prompt responses, but those should not be expected as the norm.
I manage a separate career outside of Ariel which severs a lot of my time. I may also be with other clients, giving them my undivided attention, or as previously mentioned, chronically offline somewhere enjoying what free time I have.

To ensure that I'm enticed to respond to you, make sure all the necessary information, aforementioned above, is included in your first form of contact. 
And if you've done all that, and I still haven't responded, I may have not felt like we were a match to meet. The joys of being a professional courtesan is being able to thoughtfully choose who I spend my time with. 

Will you see couples?

Yes! I'm Pansexual, so both familiar and comfortable around both presenting genders. 

Please note my definition of couples is same sex queer, or heterosexual romantic couples (sorry to the situationships).  I'd be happy to be wedged between you and your sweetheart( +100).

Do you do duos, trios, or multipartner play?

Absolutely! I have a small list(please inquire directly) of partners I prefer to work with in the city, but am open to meeting new providers in a play setting for the first time if I think we'll all get (it) on smoothly. I enforce rate matching while in group settings, where the highest rate is expected to be honoured for all providers.

Do you see people who are ... ?

I see people. There is no expanded box for exclusions. 

I welcome all genders, identities, abilities and races. You do not need to draw attention to any one of these points upon booking if you do not think it is imperative to know for our time together. I'm happy to know if you're xyz if you want me to know. I will not consider your booking submission differently. 
If there is something I can do during our date to make it more accommodating for you, please let me know.

How should I conduct myself when we meet?

You don't need to worry about impressing me in any way once you're in my presence. I'll likely direct you to the washroom to freshen up, after we make our introductions and start feeling more at ease. The pace from there is entirely up to you.

How should I conduct myself after we meet?

Just be cool, man. You don't need to be writing me love letters. I'm perfectly fine if we're all business to get to the pleasure. I will not get offended if you only reach out when you're committed to meet me again, or if you want to send the odd meme between meetings because you thought of me. I'm notoriously awful at responding in a timely manner to non urgent matters, so just don't get yourself butt-hurt if you're typically more communicative with your favourite courtesans. 

Will you be a reference for me?

If you can respect the boundaries I have, then yes I can be.

If you'd like to list me as a reference, I require notice prior to informing the other party. Consent is always sexy, and that includes when you give out my personal contact details. I will be agreeable to be a reference only within a 3-6 month time frame of our last meeting, and should not be listed like an emergency contact to every new provider you inquire to see. 

Do you allow reviews?

Nope! I have a NRP unless you have my consent otherwise. I loathe reading about myself in any aspect that is fictitious, and to be frank, I find a lot of reviews to be borderline fanfiction (and not the good kind).
However, I also understand that clients may have a necessity for reviews to help find the right type of provider for them. So I'll list a few from clients that had my consent to post a review, if you need someone else to endorse if I'm the real deal.

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Winter 2022

How can I send you a gift?

While gifts and tips are never expected, they are always graciously appreciated. I currently accept gifts to my luxylist, and in person should you choose to bring something with you. I'm a big softie, and gift giving is a love language for me. It is absolutely not about the cost, but more that you were thoughtful to bring something to make me smile. 

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