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Persephone had it right.


If you must go, might as well take all of spring with you.

-Cathy Linh Che

The short story...

These moments are fleeting; from a touch, to a glance to a desire. We should enjoy them together.

A little more...

In life you might think it's hard to come across something unique and special that leaves you craving more. A modern rarity that stands out from the crowd with a je ne ce quoi

I'm Ariel (she/her). A dangerous mix of beauty and brains, with banter just as cheeky as my sass and ass. 

My soul craves for deep connection and intimacy, and this comes in many forms. Whether it's a confidante for things you've yet to experience, or respite from the things you have, I look forward to the moments we share. 

I've been told I'm a great ear and conversationalist, multi faceted, with a sensational perspective and body. I tend to get on well with most suitors who meet me, and I'd like to think it's because I sit right at the border of sophistication and a good sense of humour.

I'm an an all natural beauty with no enhancements. Exotically striking, I'm a mixed race of Southeast Asian and European descent, though I was born and raised in Canada. Much like fine art I'm truly one of a kind, and best admired in person.

I have 2 college degrees in very different backgrounds, and a career that I manage outside of Ariel. I'm in my late twenties, and speak as such, though I've been told I have the maturity and wisdom of someone much older. Call it old world beauty and soul.

I prefer to live my life chronically offline which doesn't always work to my advantage, but does promise a lot of discretion. I've never been one to flaunt or showcase the experiences I get the privilege of taking thanks to the industry. My debauchery and excitement is best left to my camera roll; I think it adds to the mystique and allure. 


Intelligence and substance isn't something I quantify with how much of school, life, or literature you've consumed. Rather, I prefer to give you a piece of my best self with authenticity and sincerity, and let you decide. With that said, I prioritize my time to those who cultivate and value what I have to offer. 

A curated experience is the best way to describe our time together, with proper communication, I can tailor anything from a casual or sensual girlfriend, to a more kink oriented date. Should you need a longer warm up, I'm also open to extended or social dates that allow us to know each other first, to create a base of mutual trust to flow into. I'm a fairly laid back person, and find happiness where we are both in an environment to nurture it. I love seeing and experiencing things that also bring you genuine joy. 


You will not find a list of services on my website. More simply put, I enjoy doing a wide variety of things, that fall under a large umbrella of terms. GFE/PSE/Kink typically summarize, but that isn't promise for what your definition of that may be. We are two consenting adults, and you should be able to communicate clearly what your desires are, should you like them reciprocated. The key is your conduct and respect, which I consider paramount if you have any chance to be in my presence. 

What do I like?

  • reading (poetry, non-fiction literature - specifically fantasy, thrillers, and historical fiction, manga, comics)

  • outdoor activities (hiking, fishing, gardening)

  • food (Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean)

  • board games (D&D or any multiplayer tabletop)

  • media (anime or animated series, documentaries, true crime)

  • art (illustration, animation, traditional paintings, photography)

  • video games (console or pc, usually rpg/mmorpg or co-op)

I'm an easy woman to please. I like good food and good company that has even better manners. And I don't mean table manners. The easiest way to make an impression is not in fact to shower with me with compliments, but have your actions from the moment you reach out to me be both respectful and meaningful. I am after all a real girl under all the glamour.

I'm happy to answer respectfully phrased questions, but don't tolerate derogatory remarks or stereotypes towards any one type of person. 


                         late twenties



dark hair, brown eyes


Dress: S/UK6/US2-4
Shoe: 8


college educated
social drinker
no enhancements (all natural)
some body modifications (tattoos)


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