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Service Expectations

If you're looking for something specific, before you commit to seeing me, please see my Allegra profile.

All other inquiries can be included during your screening submission. 

Please note I try to refrain from using acronyms, as I find them in poor taste.

You will note that my website does not list any explicit services.

Below will give breif detail about what you can expect from our encounter.


I lean towards more dominant and don't enjoy scenarios in which can enact my power being taken away or seen less than. I enjoy leading our time together vs following a lead.

I do not enjoy extremes of any kind.

I consider myself a caring individual, who provides a deep level of intimacy. Being able to know you better is one of the ways I enjoy our time together, and create a deeper connection to bond.

Our time together will not be a passing moment between A and B. I build each date around the needs of the individual. Your time with me should not be a map with destinations or names, but rather for the experience. 

Your experience may differ from date to date, and every person who chooses to see me. This is an eloquent way of saying your date will vary each time. 

Chemistry between us should be give and take. I prefer suitors who also care about my enjoyment and not just self gratify.

Repeated scenarios that remove the autonomy and identity of a woman from a complex fantasy are not something I engage in. 


Requests that are overly elaborate or require me to spend money to perform will not be accommodated. I am happy to accept items I may not have that are required to perform your request.

With the aforementioned point in mind, you should keep your requests within reason. Requests should not be a wish-list letter.


I have the right to decline any activity I am uncomfortable performing at any time.

I will not partake in any illegal activities, or activities that infringe on another person's human rights.

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