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Your exotic EurAsian Princess


Your exotic EurAsian Princess

1 hr / 400

90 min / 600

2 hrs / 800

3 hrs / 1200

6 hrs / 2400


up to 12 hrs / 3500

full day / 5000

couples +200
duos (please inquire)

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Rates reflect appointments at my place for my my time and companionship only.

Excursions outside of my place, must be made in the GTA, and be in either a private, unshared residence, or hotel that is rated at least 4 stars. There is a +50 travel fee that is added to to appointments where I am going to your place, if within the GTA. 

For those who live outside of Toronto, I may require some form of deposit, or minimum time frame to book, in addition to a prorated travel fee based on your location.

Dates longer than 3 hours should inquire directly so we can assess compatibility for a first meet.

First time clients may be declined for duos. If you are someone I haven't met before, having two or more references I am able to directly contact on your screening submission, or requesting a 1-on-1 date first, is the best option to being considered for a group setting. 

In the event you wish to FMTY (fly me to you), you are expected to cover all expenses for the trip, such as airfare, food, activities and accommodations. I do not accept travel arrangements with new clients.


 I do not discriminate bookings based off of (legal 21+) age, race, gender identity or physical ability. If there is some sort of accommodation you need to make your time more comfortable, don't hesitate to ask.

In return, I ask all prospective clients to respect my wishes if I do not accept a proposal, or ask for additional verification to meet.

I consider myself a GFE+ companion.
I lean towards dominant, and am friendly to most kinks and fetishes that align with soft dom and fem dom. You're welcome to ask about more kink/fetish services, but please note I do not partake in submissive behaviours.

There are no add-on fees, premiums or surcharges for activities in my comfort zone. That being said, your patronage is not a guarantee for all fantasies. I too, have boundaries that need to be respected. Should you be looking for something specific, please include any outlying questions on your booking submission, if you need clarification.

All suitors are to be screened without exception. This is for my safety, and is non negotiable. I'm not storing your details in an offshore server, or trying to apply to a mortgage in your name. I'm simply trying to maintain my safety while meeting a prospective stranger. In the many years I have been a companion, I have had zero complaints about my screening practices, and also had zero of my organs harvested for the black market. Is this a coincidence? I'm not willing to find out. 


Typically, I will require either two previous provider references I am able to directly contact, or one reference and a form of identification, such as a LinkedIn, professional website with your position, or photo ID. If you do not have a reference from a previous provider, you will need to submit a form of identification from what was formerly listed.


If you are uncomfortable with sharing this information with me, or anything else I've said thus far, clicking away now costs free.99

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