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About Us 

Our time together should be a safe place for exploration without judgement. While I understand that you may view me as a professional, my desires and preferences may not always align with yours. Some services may be declined, and cannot be guaranteed. What I give to you is a reflection of your demeanour, respect and hygiene, as well as my own personal comfort. Much like a delicate flower, if you tend to me properly, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Safety is always my number one concern. I reserve the right to decline any activity if I feel uncomfortable with at any point in our appointment. Respect towards boundaries is non negotiable.

Good communication is the backbone of our adventure, and consent is expected from both parties, at all times to engage in any activity.

Our time together should never be considered a checklist of services, as I prefer to curate the each date to the individual. 

You have hopefully read through my novella website before booking, and have managaeble expectations of our date.

We both should be clear headed, and free of any substances when meeting. Drugs of any kind will not be tolerated, unless considered legal for medicinal purposes. 

Intentional injuries and marks of any kind will not be tolerated.

It's rude to keep a lady waiting. Arriving to an appointment late in excess of 10 minutes without notice is subject to time penalty or cancellation, unless the delay is by a fault of my own. If I am arriving fashionably late, you will always be notified. If the delay is substantial, you will be given the option to cancel or reschedule without penalty .  

Our time is both valuable. Let's not loiter, linger or overstay our welcome around the meeting location.

Discretion is something both parties are expected to maintain both during and after the appointment . I will never kiss and tell. Respect towards personal privacy is encouraged. Sharing any personal details or identifiable qualities about myself to others is discouraged.

About you

As a client, you are king, and king's do not negotiate.

My rates are non negotiable.

Every suitor is screened for my safety, without exception. 
Screening processes vary for new, returning and experienced clients. For experienced clients, the screening process is typically two references from reputable providers and a phone call. For new clients who have never seen a courtesan previously, you may need to provide additional identification such as ID, or a LinkedIn to verify yourself with.


Donations are always to be presented at the beginning of the date to proceed, as I find it rather awkward to remind you. 

If we are meeting in a public space, I ask your donation be presented in a card or bag at the beginning of our appointment.


I take great pride in having pristine hygiene, and would appreciate if you reciprocated.

We are both adults that hopefully know how to use the very basic soap and mouthwash. All locations where we meet should have these available for you to use before our date.  


My skin is extremely sensitive. Please be mindful before coming to our date with strongly fragrant products. Smelling clean is sexy, smelling like you showered in cologne is not.

Please do not smoke before our appointment

Manicures aren't mandatory, but trimmed nails and clean hands are.

If you come to a date while ill/sick, it will result in immediate termination without refund. 

Please do not touch my face with your hands excessively. I work incredibly hard to keep clear facial skin, and would like to preserve it best I can.  

I dye my hair frequently, be gentle while handling it. Do not pull roughly in any way, and avoid grabbing from the ends.


Any preferences to scent, products and allergens will be respected within reason. I'll do my best to be presented in a way you prefer.

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