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more is more

duos, trios and more

1 hour / 600
1 guest + 2 hosts or 2 guests + 1 host 

1.5 hours / 900

1 guest + 2 hosts or 2 guests + 1 host

2 hours / 1200

1 guest + 2 hosts or 2 guests + 1 host

3 hours / 1800

1 guest + 2 hosts or 2 guests + 1 host


1.5 hours / 1350
1 guest + 3 hosts 

2 hours / 1800
1 guest + 3 hosts

3 hours / 2700
1 guest + 3 hosts


I have friends that can bend in high and low places. I'd be happy to arrange a meeting of two or more professional hosts, or attend a meeting with two or more guests. I honour rate matching, which means all professional attendees should be paid equally. The highest rate is expected to be matched, and these rates reflect my hourly considerations.




1 hour / 300

1.5 hours / 450

2 hours / 600 

3 hours / 900


These rates are for seeing me in locations within downtown Toronto only. Please visit the touring page for touring rates.
+50 for me to go to you, within downtown Toronto.

For longer intimate bookings beyond 3 hours, please contact me directly.


date me 

longer enagagements 


I operate on equal opportunities and do not refuse service to one type of individual based off of race, physical ability or identity. I will however judge you if you don't use spell check.

I often don't have same day availability. I drop my panties faster for those who plan in advance of 24 hours.

[Screening] My consolidation prize in lieu of your presence is screening information. New clients without references need to provide either an unaltered copy of ID or LinkedIn, in addition to a verification phone call. Experienced clients that have never seen me before, should have a minimum of 2 of the following: 2 references I am able to contact directly, or 1 reference, an unaltered photo ID, LinkedIn, or verification phone call. Returning clients can simply slide right into my DMs with their best dog picture. You are welcome to contact my admin team should you feel uncomfortable with me holding your sensitive information. I do not offer most longer engagements or special arrangements when booking through my administration team. 

[Cancellations] I take cancellations seriously. I didn't put on my Sunday best for nothin'. Provide as much notice as possible if you can't make our date (24 hours minimum). You may need to pay a cancellation fee (50% of donation) if you cancel without notice or justification.

[Deposits] Excursions under 3 hours do not need to pay deposits if you are visiting me locally; though nothing is sexier than commitment. Payment is expected upon arrival, and can be done so in cash (US and CAD 1:1), etransfer, or paypal. Your payment must clear before our date. If we are meeting in public, please present your donation in a fun card, book, or reusable bag. 

If you've made the best decision of your life to see me for longer than 3 hours, a 25% deposit is required. Touring dates may be subject to require a deposit. Please visit the touring page to see approximate dates when I may be in your city, and for more information when I will be available.

[Fly me to you] All travel and extra expenses are always to be covered by you. I will always book my own flights when visiting you for my own personal safety. I like to be able to choose the best window seats.

In the rare event I do collect a large inheritance from a long lost relative overseas and cancel our date, all of your deposit will be returned.

[Longer engagements] should have managed expectations. As an experienced travel date, I still require some time to myself. I may need a few moments during the day to answer emails and texts, shower, practice self care or just recharge my social batteries. I also absolutely need at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to function at my best. All extra expenses such as food, and activities are always to be covered by you. I'm comfortable being a dinner date, or cooking companion, for whatever the occasion calls for. For the time being, I do not offer exclusive arrangements, but will accept monthly, weekly and long term arrangements for those seeking scheduled companionship. 

[Your place] If I am visiting you, I expect at the very least for you to leave the seat down and a fresh towel. Your residence should be private, orderly and unshared with other persons. I may decline to visit your place if I don't have sufficient screening. Hotels must be considered 4 star and above.

If you're requesting me to come to you, and you are outside downtown Toronto, I may either require a deposit, larger travel fee, or minimum time frame to book.

I am always to be compensated for my time. I do not offer "off the clock" services or gracious extras free of charge. Odds and ends like souvenirs from our time together, long chats outside of our scheduled date,



4 hours/ 1000

8 hours/ 1800

12 hours/ 2500

24 hours/ 4500
each additional day +3000

7 days/ 15,000


Longer engagements may not be available to new clients.


As a general rule, our time should be spaced reasonably between intimacy and other activities.

For strictly longer intimate bookings, please inquire directly.


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