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What can a handsome guy like you expect during our time together?


  • A safe place for exploration without judgement

  • Respect for your boundaries and preferences

  • Privacy and discretion

  • Deep level of intimacy

  • Stress-free environment 

  • Light humour and sarcasm (non negotiable)

  • Consideration of your time 

  • Buttloads of fun

You can totally expect...


  • Gracious extras and "free" services

  • Enacting scenarios where my body autonomy is taken away

  • Inclination for me to be submissive (I lean towards dominant)

  • Engaging in activities without consent 

  • Magic tricks

  • A live studio audience 

You should NOT expect...

And what about my expectations of you?


  • Keep manageable expectations

  • Be respectful to me at all times

  • Understand and agree to my screening process if you are serious about meeting

  • Show up to the date on time, and leave in a timely manner when our date concludes

  • Shower, and use the facilities I've provided to freshen up upon entering my place.

  • Respect that I have a NRP (no review policy) in place, and do not want information disclosed on public forums

You should definitely...


  • Negotiating my rates or services

  • Intentionally trying to injure me or leave me with marks of any kind

  • Only self gratifying

  • Coming to date while under the influence

  • Coming to the date while ill/sick

  • Telling your mom about me

You are definitely NOT...

Being a real girl™ means that I also have desires and preferences. These may not always align with yours. Some services may be declined, and can never be guaranteed. What we do together is a reflection of your demeanour, respect and hygiene, as well as my own personal comfort. If you are looking for something specific, please visit my allegra profile, or include it in your booking submission. 

If you do not agree with the etiquette that both parties are expected to maintain, I advise you not to move forward with a booking. It's extremely important to me that we are compatible, and contention to the guidelines isn't something that's attractive pillow-talk.

That being said, if you're wow-ed by my cute charts and want to know what it'll take to see me, please continue.

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