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Frequently Asked  Questions...

What do I do if I see you in public?


A smile and fanciful glance are enough. I would prefer not to be approached. Though I may seem alone, I might not be. I may be going to my other job, school, or be out with friends and family. Part of mutual respect for privacy, is also giving me space when I'm in my personal life.

Never take my need for discretion as any personal feelings. Instead, look at it as a how much I value our professional relationship. 


Are you independent?

Yes, I am. I am also apart of the Allegra Collective. When booking, you have the option of contacting me directly, or through my administration team. Please note, only select services are available when making appointments through the administration line.

I've tried booking with you several times and haven't been able to, am I doing something wrong?

Always ensure you're filling out the proper information for both myself, and my team. I'm not the only girl my team helps when organizing appointments, and while everyone does their best to reply quickly, sometimes it can take a bit to respond.

Having all the necessary booking information will expedite the process that much faster. What are we looking for? Click here to find out. This applies to emails and text messages.

I've contacted you hours ago about a booking and you still haven't responded?

I have a full plate in my personal life. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours before I see your request. I try to not check my phone when I'm with other suitors, and often won't respond in unreasonable hours such as late evening and early morning. I always respond to all my requests, given they've followed my booking procedures.

I've followed all the steps and still can't seem to get an appointment made?


It's incredibly sexy that you can follow my screening and booking process, but unfortunately you're not out of the woods yet. I only see a small amount of suitors when I'm available. Make sure you're booking in advanced so I can guarantee your appointment date. Same day or last minute appointments often aren't made because I can't accommodate them. Please check my schedule page to see the times I'm most likely to be available, and book far enough in advanced to get an alternative time/date accepted.

How can I write a review?

I prefer to not have any identifiable qualities shared about me. I also don't enjoy reading about myself in an intimate manner. I do not police or judge an individual should they choose to participate in review boards, but ask that my preferences be respected in the matter.

Will you be a reference for me?

Have you seen me in the last three months? Has our time together totalled two hours? Did you ask prior to using me as a reference? Then the answer is yes.

What is your sexual orientation?

I'm pretty straight, but will still cater to and with couples and other courtesans in a group setting. G4P all the way.

Do you accept gifts?

Gifts are never necessary but always appreciated. Never feel obligated or pressured to bring me something outside of the donation. 


If you want more information on types of trinkets and odds I enjoy, feel free to peruse the gift* section. 

If the occasion arises, would you share a drink with me?

Depending on the situation, I am known to occasionally enjoy a glass of wine here and there.

If we are in public in a restaurant, I may order a drink should I feel like doing so. Please never order a drink for me without my presence or permission. I prefer to have the drink brought to me directly from the bar-staff.

If we are in a private setting, such as a private residence or incall, I may also take up your offer for an alcoholic beverage. All drinks should come from an unopened bottle.

Please note, I may also decline to drink anything at all. Pressure to partake in alcohol or other substances will not be tolerated.


Hey there,

As you may have noticed, some of my rates have changed.

To find out more about which rates have changed and when they will increase again in the future, click below!

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy.

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