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About Ariel

Who am I? I'm Ariel Spring, completely yours to discover and get lost in. From conversation to carnal impulses, I'm sure you'll find me rather intoxicating. I'm a mixed race, of South East Asian, and European, which can only be described as exotic. Much like our encounter, I'll be a pleasant surprise to your expectations of me.

I'm told I'm a dangerous mix of beauty, brains and sultry. My natural feminine figure has yet to disappoint. As for my banter, I'm just as well versed in person. Reading menus, flight itineraries and body language are all some of my strong points. Whatever our plans, I like to be fully engaged and captivate my company.


Call me your cup of tea, wine or glass of water. I enjoy to go with the flow. We will never have the same encounter twice. I prefer lasting impressions that will keep you coming back for more.


When I'm not charming the pants off of my dates, I'm afraid you'll find me living quite an average life.  My education has always been my first priority, and will remain as such until I graduate. I'm an incredibly  motivated person, and never aim for anything less than excellence.


My life outside of courting professionally has always remained private, as I believe what happens behind closed doors should remain between lovers. If you want to pick my brain, you'll just have to do it in person.

Under the lace

Below are some superficial statements if you care a little more about what's on the outside than the in. I consider myself an average individual that has tendencies to knock the socks off my dates by luck and charm. My photos are mostly unedited, sans some movie magic to save face and remove the below body modifications.